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What is BlackBox?
BlackBox is an ecosystem consisting of minicomputers that protect their users' data by ensuring completely private communications.
Confidential Browsing, messaging, email and Internet usage via mobile or desktop
A superior alternative to VPN and TOR browser
Cutting-edge protection from malicious third parties at a fraction of the cost of IT specialists
Easy access to clear and dark net from any browser

Why do I need a BlackBox?

Blackbox gives the non-technical consumer the highest level of security and privacy while using the Internet, as well as control over personal data

Private Browsing
Cold Wallet for
Protection from Tracking
Freedom of Online Expression
Decentralized Web Hosting
Private and Secure Calls
Private Email
Private and Secure Document Exchange
Confidential Messaging
Cryptocurrency Operations

How does BlackBox work?

BlackBox protects your data on all technical levels - hardware, software, OS, and routing.
Going online with Blackbox
Other anonymization solutions
Which of the three ways to go online provides the maximum guarantee of anonymity?
Going online
using Incognito Mode in web browser
Going online via VPN
or other intermidiary services
Going online via Blackbox
as router or workstation
Makes it impossible to identify the user (Who?)
No tracking and spying by the operating system
Strong data encryption (What?)
Cleans up your activity history every time you restart Blackbox
Does not allow to define the user's location (Where?)
The memory card is protected against reading by a third-party device
How does BlackBox protect its users' data?

Transmitting data via Blackbox
Comparison with the common ways
Common Internet access
Going online via Blackbox
Be as secure as a professional hacker

Hackers use special flash drives with preinstalled software that provides reliable operational security - OPSEC. They connect the USB flash drive to the computer, start the computer with the operating system installed on the USB flash drive, perform all necessary actions, remove the USB flash drive and thus leave no traces on the computer .

Blackbox does the same. Like a flash drive, Blackbox has preinstalled software that creates operational security for everyone who goes online with it. Blackbox does not store any user data.

With Blackbox, you are as safe as a hacker online.


  • Guarantees Privacy
    Prevents you from being identified online by malicious third parties
  • Low Price
    BlackBox is offered at the same price as a standard VPN subscription
  • Free VPN
    Each BLACKBOX functions like a VPN, and their network forms a powerful VPN net
  • Multipurpose
    A single solution to all of your privacy and data protection needs, including calls, messages, cryptocurrency operations, and web browsing
  • Portability
    Blackbox is only half the weight of an average smartphone. It weighs only 60 grammes. Dimensions: 5.5х5.х2.5 см.
    It can be charged from the socket, PC or powerbank via USB cable.
  • Data decentralization
    Blackbox developers do not act as intermediaries in the data transfer process. Data transfer is decentralized through the BlackBox network.
  • One BLACKBOX for all devices
    Blackbox secures the data of all devices that go online through it. You can connect an unlimited number of devices to one Blackbox through WiFi or Lan port.
  • Easy to use
    All you have to do is to connect BLACKBOX to your device. There is no need to install additional software or employ IT professionals
  • Hacker protection
    BLACKBOX ensures the security of both outbound and inbound connections. This protects you from hacker attacks.
  • No Remote Server Between Users
    Blackbox does not transfer data through any remote server. Blackbox itself serves as a server for all services provided.
  • Fully Open Source
    BLACKBOX software is open-source and available in our community: you can check how it works and customize your own BLACKBOX settings
  • Secure updates
    BLACKBOX is updated offline: download the new version to a USB flash drive, insert it into your BLACKBOX, and it will be updated automatically
Evolution of Blackbox
Alpha version
Alpha version
↑ roll up
Free update to Beta, Pre-release and Release versions
Available features
Secure browsing
Secure onion zone
Out of stock
Anonymous e-mail
Updates delivery
Beta version
↑ roll up
Beta version
Free update to Pre-release and Release versions
Available features
Secure browsing
Secure onion zone
Anonymous e-mail
Updates delivery
Personal messenger
Anonymous hosting
File transfer
Out of stock
Pre-release version
Free update to the Release version.
Available features
Secure browsing
Secure onion zone
Anonymous e-mail
Updates delivery
Private messenger
Anonymous hosting
File transfer
Private networks for groups
Secure calls
Release version
Crowdfunding in progress
Available features
Secure browsing
Secure onion zone
Anonymous e-mail
Updates delivery
Private messenger
Anonymous hosting
File transfer
Group private networks
Secure calls
User-friendly interface
Blackbox packaging
Improved security settings and bug fixes in previous versions
All previous versions will be updated to Release version
We will need 6 months after finishing the campaign to release the Release version
Left to raise
Blackbox v0.9 Pre-Release with free update to fully-featured release version is available for pre-order.       Orders for Batch #2 can be placed till 15.02.2023.

Orders will be shipped till 1.04.2023.
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