All Blackbox devices come with one-year guarantee. If our device fails at any time within one year starting from the delivery date due to an error in production, we will replace it free of charge including shipping costs*.

This warranty is void in the following cases:
  • If your Blackbox is misused or stored improperly (i.e. reasonable treatment of an electrical device).
  • Damage from water, humidity, or other moisture.
  • Intentional, accidental, or negligent physical damage after the device is shipped and received.
  • Damage triggered by force majeure (storms/bad weather, for example) or electrical disturbance (like a power surge).
  • Firmware/password modifications and/or changes to settings made to the device after delivery that cause the device to work differently and/or improperly from its original intent**.
*If your device fails for any reason, please let us know immediately and describe what changes produced this effect. In order to receive the new device under the guarantee terms, the customer has to return the failed one to our return shipping address at their own expense.

**Modifying, replacing and/or removing any of the internal workings of the Anonabox device is not grounds for a return. Mishandling internal parts and/or opening the Blackbox case is not recommended and will void your warranty. Contact us if you're unsure or have any questions about your return.


SoftUniq will accept returns if you notify us within 30 days of receipt and the device is returned in the original packaging. Please note: the customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

In case of return the customer will get a full refund within three months after the notification receipt.

If your device is not working upon receipt, let us know and we'll work to see if the problem is easily fixable. The Blackbox team will perform a warranty assessment on each returned device. Based on these assessments, SoftUniq will either approve or deny a replacement device within 48 hours via email correspondence.

Return Shipping Address:

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34 Puerto de Santiago

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