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Why anonymization services that you use do not work?
We have constitutions but don't have the rights
As we know, everyone has the right to freedom of speech and privacy, but these rights do not work on the Internet.
Most of the people believe that using anonymization software on their devices (VPN, or secure messengers such as Telegram) ensures their privacy. But in reality, both the device that you use to access the Internet and the installed operating system can compromise your actions.
A person who does not have technical skills to set up his smartphone by all the criteria of anonymity cannot use the Internet in accordance with the constitutional rights.
«The BLACKBOX startup team has designed a device that can ensure online anonymity and confidentiality to any user and created a new hardware anonymity market»
Dmitrij Morev
Blackbox CEO
Dmitrij Morev -
a cybersecurity expert
How human rights are violated on the web? What we can do about it?
Where does ensuring anonymity go beyond the software level and extends to the levels of the device itself and the operating system? What do developers of anonymity services and software prefer to hide?
And how did the BLACKBOX developers come up with the best solution, offering people open Internet without restrictions, as well as personal data protection?

Explains the co-founder of BLACKBOX, Dmitrij Morev.
What does online anonymity mean? In which situations is this problem particularly relevant?
Online anonymity implies conformity with several criteria: WHO ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU DOING ONLINE? and FROM WHERE ARE YOU GOING ONLINE? - all these information should not be available to third parties without your permission. Only then can you be sure of your anonymity.

Information about your online activities is often used to target ads, but in some cases, it can be used against you. Therefore, online anonymity is becoming relevant in many areas, for example, communication that requires complete confidentiality; cryptocurrency transactions; browsing websites with suspicious content, searching for ambiguous information, discussing sensitive topics on forums, expressing personal opinions without fear for one's life, etc.
Confidential conversations, using darknet, cryptocurrency transactions - all these situations require guaranteed online anonymity.
Dmitrij Morev
Blackbox CEO
Global Internet corporations can see everything!
Your interests, your activities, what you are thinking of, what you are looking for, what you are texting about, all websites you visit, where you are located and much more. Data is stored in special data centers that you can not access and, therefore, you can neither verify what kind of your personal data is collected nor delete it.
Are there any recommendations on what we can do to use the Internet anonymously?
5 steps to regain the right to share personal information only by consent
1. Make it impossible to identify you when going online. For this purpose, you have to make sure that your personal data is not associated with the ID of your device.

2. Use data encryption to prevent third parties from reading and collecting your information. It is important to encrypt data before the operating system сaptures and analyses the data.

3. Hide the Internet access point. VPN, Proxy and other services that hide the IP address do not hide the ID of your device, which can be used to identify you. In addition, the data is transmitted through a remote server with closed access. Thus, it is impossible to make sure that no one can manipulate your personal data.

4. Remove the history of your online activities from your device. It's not that easy, especially with smartphones, and requires technical skills.

5. Make the memory card or hard drive unreadable to third-party hardware. Even if you deleted the traces of your activity from your device, all data can still be restored if someone inserts a memory card into the device restoring deleted data.
Complete online anonymity cannot be provided only by means of the programs you use. Developers of anonymization services and software prefer to hide this fact from their customers.
Dmitrij Morev
Blackbox CEO
Is it possible that when communicating, for example, via Telegram, all these criteria are not met?
This messenger uses encryption and supports self-destruction messaging
It's all true, and there are also other messengers on the market that position themselves as protected, for example, Wickr or Signal. The developers declare that these messengers are fully anonymous, transmit data in encrypted form, DO NOT save any information about your actions on the servers and allow to delete data from the devices of all participants of the conversation. But this is not enough to ensure your privacy.

First, as you already noticed, in all cases between individual users there is a centralized messenger server over which your data is transmitted. The server has closed architecture that makes any independent analysis impossible (like in case of VPN or Proxy servers). You cannot check what is happening to your data on the remote server. When you are deleting the history of conversation, you do it only on the devices of its participants. It can be easily verified by comparing the messaging history on all phones. But is it possible to check that your data is not stored or is really deleted at your request on the server? If you do not have an answer to this question, then the confidentiality and anonymity of secure messengers go into the realm of trust or distrust of their service providers.

Moreover, even if the messengers really delete all your correspondence, ignoring the law obliging them to keep it under the threat of million dollars fines and the complete liquidation of the company, operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, and others) can also save and transfer your data to the servers of Google, Apple, or Microsoft. You have signed an agreement on the personal data processing when installed the operating system, effectively allowing them to follow you.

Secondly, even if you registered the messenger account without reference to your personal data, you can still be almost accurately identified by the device you are using. When you purchase, for example, a smartphone, you associate its ID (IMEI) with your personal data via Google Play, Apple ID, Microsoft ID accounts. You also logged in to your social networks accounts from your smartphone, downloaded programs.

Therefore, it's not enough just to use a program that promises privacy in marketing campaign. All of them work as expected only if your device ID is not associated with your personal data and you use operating system that do not compromise you, or is configured accordingly. Never trust remote services and closed-source programs the security of which cannot be verified.
Most of the people who use anonymization services BELIEVE in anonymity, but in fact they are not anonymous.
Dmitrij Morev
Blackbox CEO
But what about a super-secure TOR browser? It doesn't allow to define the location and identity of the user, does it?
TOR really performs its functions. In my opinion, this is a brilliant invention and the best thing that has happened to the digital world in human struggle for the right to freedom for the whole history of the Internet. But we must take into account that when TOR appeared, the hardware capacity and Internet speed were not enough to collect data on the activity of all Internet users. Therefore, installing the TOR browser on your computer was a secure solution in the past. Now technology has stepped forward, and it is necessary to ensure the security of the "ecosystem" in which TOR is launched.

As I said, your device always identifies you and the fact that you use TOR can be easily defined. In addition, you install TOR from the operating system (Windows / macOS / iOS / Android, etc.), which, in turn, can collect program utilization and personal data. This risk increases when you go online using anonymizing programs. There are also other programs that can identify you, for example, antivirus or Torrent.

Another problem is that when you are installing anonymization services on the device where you store your files and personal data, there is a risk of their leakage or destruction. Moreover, it is possible that with the next update the installed program will start to collect information about you instead of making you anonymous, or you will simply be deceived and install a virus instead of anonymization software.
Как обеспечивается конфиденциальность места выхода в сеть
How then can we ensure our anonymity?
There are two ways:

The first is to configure any device through your own effort so that it worked according to all criteria of anonymity (this option requires technical skills or the involvement of a specialist).

The second is to use BLACKBOX as an already configured mini-computer with pre-installed anonymizing services ready for anonymous use of the web.
What are the advantages of Blackbox compared to other services?
First, Blackbox is a solution that meets all criteria of anonymity. Blackbox brings you online without any identification, while the operating system does not intercept any data either before or after it is encrypted. Blackbox automatically removes all traces of your activity during every reboot and has an integrated memory card that cannot be removed and read with a third-party device.

Second, Blackbox is a simple opportunity for a mass consumer to obtain the same level of anonymity as a cybersecurity professional or a hacker. Using Blackbox is not more difficult than using a personal computer.

Third, with Blackbox, you can be sure that the device really provides confidentiality and anonymity, since its architecture is completely open and can be checked by any IT experts and, if necessary, reconfigured at their own discretion.

Fourth, Blackbox is a separate device that does not have access and cannot damage data on your computer or phone.

In addition, Blackbox:

- removes restrictions on blocked Internet content;

- offers a FREE VPN and allows the users willing to mask their IP address to save more than 70 euros per year;

- protects user data from hacker threats without the need to configure your personal computer, or phone, in any special way.
    BLACKBOX is not a belief, but a tool that offers actual and verifiable anonymity on the web.
    Dmitrij Morev
    Blackbox CEO
    What is the price of Blackbox and how to purchase it?
    Those who want to make theis lives easier can buy a manufactured and configured Blackbox online on our website. When you buy a final product, you pay the cost of the components, our time, and also donate a small amount to our team for the further development of technology and promotion of the product to everyone who needs it or supports our mission. As well you can configure it following the instructions that will be provided on our website soon. 

    Everyone can take part in our mission and help to develop the technology that returns the right to privacy and freedom of speech to ordinary people. Blackbox is the creation of everyone who, just like us, is fighting for the right to be free.

    If you are one of us, feel free to join our community.
    Additional information and our contacts can be found on the website
    Blackbox is the next level of Internet security and anonymity.