Our vision and mission
To form the largest decentralized network in the world, a community of like-minded people, free from the total surveillance of the network by Internet giants, providing limitless opportunities for work and implementation of the most daring ideas.

  • Cradle of Innovation

    For the realization of the most revolutionary ideas, where any startup can find developers and funding, create what it wants without distortion or surveillance, test his product, find its first users and be prepared to go from idea to launch.
  • Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

    Providing trading infrastructure and terminal, as well as safe storage of funds on cold wallets on the Blackbox network.
    Ensuring fair execution of transactions without unexplained slippages and hiccups.
  • Super Private Marketplace for Geeks

    A private marketplace with its own token for the sale of any goods and services by users of the network, regulated by the community, and featuring one-click payment from wallets installed on each BlackBox.
  • Platform for Private Startups

    Developers of private services cannot guarantee privacy due to leaks at the OS and hardware level. BlackBox is the missing link to achieve true privacy for any hosted software.
  • AI Metaverse and Neural Network

    Our physical device network is the perfect place for AI machine learning, neural network gathering analytics, and running a decentralized metaverse.
  • Home/Office/Enterprise Security

    Using BlackBox as a shield between your home or business and the Internet provides security for all communications, protection from hackers and leakage of personal data, without the need to configure anything.
We are looking for partners
Placing IT services on Blackbox platform
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